Domenico Cimarosa: “Il Matriomonio Segreto” (The Secret Marriage)

    Premiere I & II: 22 and 23 July 2011 in Savonlinna
    Performances: July 24, 25, 26 and 27

    Performances at Korsholm Music Festival in Vasa 30-31 July

    Music directors: Anna-Maria Helsing, Arturo Alvarado
    Opera director: Eija Tolpo
    Vocal coach-accompanist: Kristian Attila
    Musical arrangement: Ville Komppa
    Production design: Teppo Järvinen
    Costumes: Marjatta Nissinen

    Soloists from Finland:
    Minna Seilonen, soprano
    Eeva-Maria Kopp, soprano
    Theresa Paul, soprano
    Simo Mäkinen, tenor
    Antti Pakkanen, baritone
    Waltteri Torikka, baritone
    Ronnie Karlsson, bass

    Soloists from Turkey (Izmir State Opera):
    Sevinç Sayin, soprano
    Umut Akça, bass
    Emrah Sözer, tenor (Ankara State Opera)

    Soloists from Germany (Detmold Musikhochschule):
    Julia Spies, mezzo soprano
    Myriam Dewald, soprano

    Wegelius Opera Ensemble

    Savonlinna Music Academy and Martin Wegelius Institute

    Savonlinna Music Academy and Martin Wegelius Institute are producing eight performances of Domenico Cimarosa’s ”Il Matrimonio segreto” in July 2011 within the Savonlinna Opera Festival and the Korsholm Music Festival.

    The 12 soloists for this multinational and double cast educational project (6 soloists per performance) are selected from Finland, Germany and Turkey. Savonlinna Music Academy already has functioning networks with these countries through the “Musical Bridge Egypt-Turkey- Germany-Finland”, initiated by Ralf Gothóni in 2006.

    In the last few years Savonlinna Music Academy’s Musical Bridge (including opera and chamber music master classes) has grown and achieved good results. The goal of the Finnish teachers involved in the project is to increase the understanding between nations, religions and political ideologies through art music. This joint venture aims at strengthening the cultural political co-operation between the European Union and the involved nations. Finland’s role as a bridge builder would enhance the esteem of our country and our culture in the partner countries.

    The performances in Finland in 2011 are mainly sponsored by Svenska Kulturfonden in Finland. The project is carried out under the auspices of President Martti Ahtisaari, Honorary Chairman, Savonlinna Music Academy.

    In 2012 the Cimarosa opera production tours Detmold (Germany), Izmir (Turkey) and Cairo (Egypt). Furthermore the production visits four cities in Finland. The venues in Detmold, Izmir and Cairo include master classes. The organizers are Savonlinna Music Academy, Detmold Music Academy and Izmir State Opera.  Associated partners are Cairo Opera and Martin Wegelius Institute from Finland.