Domenico Cimarosa: Il Matrimonio Segreto (The Secret Marriage)

    Domenico Cimarosa’s The Secret Marriage is one of the greatest masterpieces of the Italian opera buffa, the comic opera. Cimarosa had the ability to lift his individuals to real characters, giving them more depth and credibility. In addition to the comic side of the opera, we also experience a real and exciting love story. The feelings of the young lovers are genuinely expressed through the music, heralding the truly Italian bel canto.

    Cimarosa pictures his excellent characters through instrumental means to the extent that even Haydn and Mozart were influenced by him. Cimarosa mastered the theatrically efficient, surprising turns of the plot, the vivid action, the excellent ensembles and the masterly musical architecture of the two grand finals.

    Cimarosa’s music bathes in a bright major, but when the young lovers express their feelings, one can also discern minor tones and the deeper shades in their musical language.
    Cimarosa composed about 70 operas of which The Secret Marriage shines like a crown jewel.

    Jussi Törnvall